i will not fail fall.

Time to focus on what is unfurling outside and how that is affecting our life inside.

A little over two weeks have passed since fall began and I’m already feeling the season slip away from me. Now, I know this is ridiculous – each season lasts three months and only two weeks have passed. True. But when you have big plans and ideas to enjoy your most favorite-est season……and an almost-ten-month-old, well, time does slip by you.

I’ve got a perpetual ticket-tape of ideas, projects and blah-blahs going through my head constantly. Little nuggets pop into my head all day long – while I’m nursing Henry, while I’m folding clothes, you name it. Time to utilize this here blog for it’s intended purpose: to create a guidebook of ideas, projects and blah-blahs on how to really live it up each season. A resource to continually mine. So, to that end, I took a moment to gather all of these autumnal ideas, plan our activities and remember why I just adore this season:

the crispness in the air…the sun sitting lower in the sky…cool evenings and mornings…frost on the grass when you awake…warm sweaters, Russell’s fluffy white socks, snuggly scarves…thick blankets on the couch…rich stews and muffins made from hearty squash and pumpkins…planning for the holidays…

tailgating for our favorite team

the sound of scattering dried leaves…

the smell of the earth…

Sunday Suppers indoors…

Russell’s homemade candles…getting our land ready for winter…our first annual Pumpkin Carving Party…fresh pressed apple cider…visiting the Hood River Fruit Loop

Henry’s first Halloween…

Sauvie Island pumpkin patch…my mom’s delicious chili & cornbread…

First on the docket will be baking our first pumpkin pie of the season, using a Rouge Vif d’Etampes heirlooom pumpkin from our farmer’s market. More to come on that soon…

For now though, what are you doing to live it up this season?



  1. April

    Love this!! I adore lists and especially the idea of listing all the things you love that are going on around you! I just planted my first fall mums and I’m laying in my hammock catching up on your fabulous blog, pretty perfect fall afternoon if you ask me 🙂

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