The Seasons

It has recently come to my attention that this mild obsession with all things Living Seasonally didn’t just begin when I gave birth to my son and felt compelled to record my ideas for living a truer, more in-sync lifestyle (voila – the Guidebook).


My sweetness eating sweetpeas one early morning.

No, this is what has made sense to me on some primal level my entire life. Now, some would argue that by virtue of living in Portland, Oregon, I haven’t fully experienced The Seasons. And to this, I posit – each region of this gorgeous and precious earth of ours experiences The Seasons in it’s own, fantastically unique way. Southern Californians’ Autumn might not see the crisp, cold nights we associate with say, the Northeastern states, but I bet their temperatures do dip a bit and it’s noticeable to them. And that’s the thing – this whole Living Seasonally thing is about how each of us can become more attuned to what is transpiring outside and how that can gently guide our way of living toward a more authentic, grounded and rhythmical way of life. It’s how we each interact with The Seasons – however they may unfold, wherever we are – that is important and not how closely our particular seasons align with the narrow stereotype.

One night recently while sitting out back enjoying a bonfire, I had a wonderful case of deja vu (I’ve experienced serious deja vu frequently my entire life – what does it mean?!) when I smelled the wafting scent of honey suckle. Boom – there it was. Summer wrapped up in a little package and delivered to my psyche, invoking long-lost memories and at the same time, the distinct feeling that I knew what was going to happen next.


Our inaugural bonfire.

Ever since beginning this little outpost of mine in the Interwebs, ideas a-plenty concerning how to live according to the seasons have taken up residence in my brain. With little Henry now nearly 20 months old and much more capable, it’s my intent to write more of these ideas out and in fact, to expand the concept a bit, if you don’t mind.

Living Seasonally has become such a fundamental tenant of how I want to live my life, in nearly every aspect. It has such broad implications, from what food to grow and eat,


Backyard rewards about to be roasted.

what natural (and man-made, to be honest) occurrences and holidays to celebrate to more esoteric applications like being fully alive at each stage of life and aging gracefully. I’m also interested in how the concept of Living Seasonally can positively affect one’s environment. I’ve recently discovered the ancient concept of wabi-sabi and I find it’s embrace of the lovingly worn and aged dovetails perfectly with Living Seasonally. And then there’s the evolutionary lifestyle too, which includes a temperance of technology.


Part of our blackberry harvest from last year.

To me, it all clearly connects to the way of Living Seasonally. I’m excited to explore each of these little tendrils in posts to come. And honestly, I need to write and talk about things I wish to gain a better understanding of, which is why I starting scribbling all of these ideas down in the first place.

And really, if I’m thinking about these things – how to live a fuller, more grounded, naturally rhythmical life then I bet others are too because aren’t we all energetically and maybe even psychically connected anyway? (That’s a post for another day!)

There’s more of course – like how my photography will fit in – but this is enough for now.




Truer words have never been written.


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