about me

I created this blog as a way to collect all the ideas knocking around in my head about how I want to eat, celebrate, decorate, play, create and harvest my way through each season. Because for me, Living Seasonally is a way to focus my intentions on living a meaningful life – and more importantly – providing a meaningful life for my baby, Henry. A life based on the natural way of things.

A little about me:

My name is Ariane, but you can call me Annie.

I’m a native Oregonian and O.T.P – Old Time Portland. I’m a new stay-at-home momma. I keep chickens (my husby does most – ok ALL – of the work), a needy German short hair doggie and an ornery 11-yeard-old cat. I think I want two pygmy goats. I try to grow veggies, but again, the husby does the vast majority of it. I have a tall stack of books in my living room that I am trying to read all at once and a million knitting projects I’m attempting to complete all by myself (but really with the help of the Dummies book and my mother). I have the most patient husband on the face of the earth. Although my father comes in a close second.

My hope is to share my ideas to live seasonally – and more genuinely – during this crazy time.

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